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articles > Head of Silvermine Academy SRC 2022 !


Head of Silvermine Academy SRC 2022 !


This article relates to Sindiswa Masiza

This article relates to Silvermine Academy

Sindi as we like to call her is a beautiful young lady that has and even temperament and consistent work ethics , she is a diligent, positive and engaged student . Everything she puts her mind to she gives 110% we at E-T-E are extremely proud of her she is a natural leader. Congratulations to Sindiswa ! What is a SRC ? Students' Representative Council: a council or association representing the interest of students in a college, university, etc., and which is usually made up of members who are also students. What are the general responsibilities of the Head of the SRC ? - Communicate and explain school decisions to the students. - Discuss main issues and be responsive at council meetings. - Give the school leadership team feedback. - Make the school a better place. - Take on a leadership role within the school community. https://www.facebook.com/SilvermineAcademy/photos/pcb.4788038087915039/4788037951248386

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