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Rene Nel

Date of Birth: 2004-05-12

Rene, a beacon of positivity and resilience within our charity, radiates warmth with her infectious smile that never fails to brighten the day.

Despite facing numerous challenges in her young life, Rene has consistently demonstrated unwavering determination in overcoming each obstacle that comes her way. Particularly during her final exams, Rene exhibited true grit and perseverance, showcasing her commitment to academic success.

Not only does Rene excel academically, but her artistic talents have also garnered recognition, with her artwork earning special praise from the IEB moderator during the exhibition of Grade 12 artwork.

Currently, Rene is diligently working and saving up funds for her future studies, reflecting her proactive approach towards achieving her educational goals.

Rene's journey began in 2011 when she was placed from Geen Curtains Educare at E-T-E, highlighting her longstanding dedication to personal growth and academic advancement.

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Rene Nel lives in Ocean View and wants to see an end to poverty, so that people stop struggling. ...
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Academic Report for Term 1 in 2016 - Rene
Rene is a quiet and reserved learner. She is very humble and does not like to disappoint. Rene is encouraged to ask for help when she does not understand concepts. This should assist her in reaching her goal to attain better marks in her assessments. ...
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Rene Nell: Term 3 Report 2013 (grade 3)
Rene is a sweet natured person who always encourages students around her. She always works hard and is very consistent. Each term Rene builds on her strengths and has been steadily improving in every subject throughout the year. Rene is a friendly and confident person whom teachers enjoy having in their classes. Her teachers describe her as sincere, strong-willed, eager to please and always helpful. Rene says her favourite thing to do is swim for her school. ...
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First Term Report 2012: Rene
Rene is a curious and sweet child with a mischievous smile. She loves to be with her friends. Rene found the role of Encourager challenging. ...
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