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Cee-Jay Swartz

Date of Birth: 2004-06-28

Cee-Jay has put together a little company offering D.J. facility.

He has been very proactive and we wish him well in this venture. He is a talented young man musically.

He is planning to study as mechanic next year.

Cee-Jay was placed at E-T-E in 2011 from Green Curtains.

We have loved seeing him grow over the past twelve years into the young confident adult he is today .

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Latest News
Profile on Ceejay
Ceejay Swartz is in grade 8 in Silvermine academy. ...
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Academic Report for Term 1 in 2016 - Cee-Jay
Cee-Jay is a vocal boy with a mischievous streak and keen sense of humour. His academic progress is satisfactory. Cee-Jay needs to pay close attention to his sentence structure, punctuation and spelling in his written work. This will assist him in reaching his goal in English. ...
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Cee-Jay Swartz: Term 3 Report 2013 (grade 3)
Cee-Jay is a gentle young man with lots of enthusiasm. He always sports a radiant smile and is loved by peers and teachers alike. He is always ready to participate whole-heartedly in whatever is happening around him. Cee-Jay's loves playing soccer! ...
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First Term Report 2012: Cee-Jay
Cee-Jay is a friendly, well-liked member of the class. He works well within his co-operative group. He enjoys interacting with his peers. ...
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2011 Final Report Grade 1 - Cee-Jay
Cee-Jay has worked consistently and met all the requirements for the grade. He is ready to progress. ...
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