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Fiyah Pick

Date of Birth: 2044-03-22

Fiyah's journey since graduating has taken an adventurous turn, as she opted for a gap year in 2022, spending most of the year in Johannesburg. During this time, she explored new experiences and opportunities, broadening her horizons and gaining valuable insights into herself and the world around her.

Currently, Fiyah has found her footing in the professional realm, working at Woolworths. In her role, she is actively engaged in exploring the various training and development programs offered by the company. This demonstrates her keen interest in personal and professional growth, as well as her proactive approach to advancing her skills and knowledge.

As the youngest of three daughters, Fiyah is fortunate to have the support of her parents as she navigates through this phase of her life. Their encouragement and guidance have undoubtedly played a significant role in shaping her into the confident and capable woman she has become.

Having joined E-T-E from Green Curtains Educare, Fiyah has come a long way since her early educational years. The foundation laid during her formative years continues to serve as a solid base upon which she builds her future endeavors.

With her adventurous spirit, determination, and supportive network, Fiyah is well-positioned to achieve success in her professional pursuits and beyond. Her journey is a testament to the power of exploration, growth, and self-discovery, inspiring others to embrace opportunities and chart their own paths to success.

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Fiyah Pick is in Grade 9 and attends Fish Hoek High. ...
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Academic Report for Term 1 in 2016
Fiyah presents as an impeccably mannered, kind young lady. Fiyah has settled into Grade 7 well and is beginning to display her quirky, hilarious sense of humour. She always puts others first and displays empathy on a daily basis. Fiyah is hard working and has great potential. She has achieved pleasing results. ...
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Fiyah Pick: Term 3 Report 2013 (grade 4)
Fiyah is a very sweet, endearing young lady who is always a positive encouragement to those around her. She is very hard working and diligent and always works to the best of her abilities. Fiyah is very quiet and sometimes reserved, but she always does the task at hand and has a positive influence on her class mates. Fiyah says her favourite thing about school is her wonderful friends. ...
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First Term Report 2012: Fiyah
Fiyah is a bubbly, vivacious little girl. She has a keen sense of humour and loves to entertain her peers. ...
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2011 Final Report Grade 2 - Fiyah
Fiyah has worked consistently and met all the requirements for the grade. She is ready to progress. ...
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