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articles > Donica Telegram: Term 3 Report 2013 (grade 4)


Donica Telegram: Term 3 Report 2013 (grade 4)


This article relates to Donica Telegram

This article relates to Sun Valley Primary School

This young lady's attitudinal knowledge is phenomenal and she conducts herself with confidence pride and dignity never wavering her respect for the people around her. She has a fantastic emotional intelligence and students and teachers alike enjoy her presence. Donica is very responsible and sensible and works well individually as well as in a group. Her English is of a high level. She speaks beautifully and can write with lovely creativity and thought. She presents oral tasks with beautiful confidence and her grammar is improving daily. Donica achieved an A for English this term. Donica's Afrikaans marks this term were exceptionally high as she scored A's in all the different areas of the subject. This high standard has been maintained by her the entire year. Donica enjoys Mathematics and did very well in all areas of the subject, the measurement section proved a little difficult for her but, she brought this mark up too. She is progressing very well in the subject of Natural Sciences and is particularly good at conducting experiments. Similarly in the subject of social Sciences, she excels at doing research and recording data. Donica is a very well-rounded girl with a keen understanding of her social environment. She also excels at Xhosa.

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