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articles > Sesona Kebevana: Term 3 Report 2013 (grade 2)


Sesona Kebevana: Term 3 Report 2013 (grade 2)


This article relates to Sesona Kebevana

This article relates to Sun Valley Primary School

Sesona has been working very hard on her English and her reading and writing have improved dramatically. Her speech is also of an extremely high level. Sesona is always extremely respectful and sensitive. She understands people's feelings and is always empathetic and sensitive towards them. She also has a healthy sense of self value and her confidence grows each day. She is very responsible and can be held individually accountable for all her work. Sesona has fantastic interpersonal and social skills. Her Afrikaans is on a high level and she is constantly working on improving her skills in this subject. She works well with writing tasks in Afrikaans as well. Sesona has worked well at her Mathematics this year and is particularly good at data handling. Her athletic ability and sensory motor skills have steadily improved this year. Sesona enjoys doing experiments and particularly enjoys manipulation of the equipment. She's also quite good at thinking, reasoning and problem solving. She is highly capable of being independent and interdependent as well.

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